Sunday, September 23, 2007

Absolutely spot on

I wouldn't usually create a post just to link to a cartoon, but I'll make an exception in this case:

Click the picture to make it more readable. And don't forget to Digg it here.

Favorite part: "Step five: The line between education and ignorance grows ever more indistinct." And that what's so galling about ID. It is screwing with our children's education to further a bizarre right-wing ideological cause.

~ Ste


Irving Washington said...

Yep - the cartoon says it all.

Incidentally, I just got hold of Dawkins' The God Delusion (it would appear I'm the first person at my library to ever borrow it too). His destruction of Behe is particularly solid and, I must confess, immensely satisfying too :-)

What shocks me is how a country so vehemently founded on the seperation of church and state can end up with a government so encouraging toward ID/creationism in state schools. John Adams must be spinning in his grave.

Oh, and one day I hope to visit that creationist 'museum' in Petersburg so I can laugh at the tiny saddled dinosaurs... oh the humanity!

Ste said...

I loved Dawkin's review of Behe's latest in the NYTimes. Hilarious.

The political establishment in the US has been thoroughly taken over by extreme right-wing interests with their own ideological agendas. Creationists have been remarkably successful at making it appear to the layperson that ID is a competing "theory" to evolution. It's scary.

I don't think I could go to that museum - I would laugh at first then the blatant lies would start to get to me.

~ Ste

Irving Washington said...

Yeah, I think on second thoughts you're right about that museum.

Nice link btw..

"as I incredulously close this book I seem to hear mocking barks and deep, baying howls of derision from 500 breeds of dogs..."


christian tactics said...

a fellow bookstore helper! how novel! i do the same. in fact I documented my public service in my latest entry, you might be amused.

Irving Washington said...

It's gone ominously quiet... Hopefully, you're just taking a well-earned break and haven't been 're-shelved' by the Creationists ;-)

Ste said...

Yeah, just very very busy with the irritating realities of science right now. It often takes time for the LoC to get back in touch. They might have forgotten about my questions. :)

~ Ste

Johannes said...
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Jason said...

I guess biologists aren't vandalizing bookstores anymore, eh?

Ste said...

If you mean the exact opposite of "vandalism", then yes, biologists are too busy finishing up their biology PhDs to de-vandalize bookstores. Anyway, I ran out of them round these parts.

Dammit dude, that avatar of yours is really, really sad.


Peter Mc said...

done it:

Jinx McHue said...

"biologists are too busy finishing up their biology PhDs to de-vandalize bookstores"

It's been almost six months since that comment. Are biologists still too busy?

Jordi said...

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We want you back!
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Lester King said...

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Jay McHue said...

lol! So much for biologists helping bookstores.